HORIZON offers scheduled groupage services and full and part load transport solutions for all acountrys in Europe and Asia.


Our road freight services are supported by robust national distribution networks and warehousing solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers’ requirements, within all countreys in Europe.



HORIZON provides shipping of hazardous and dangerous cargo, along with all required and necessary documentation.
Dangerous goods are all loads, which under certain circumstances of transportation or storage may harm the environment, people and/or property; may cause explosion or fire, damage vehicles, buildings and/or constructions, as well as cause death, injury, poisoning, burns or diseases of people, animals and/or birds.

Safe and Certified Transport of Dangerous Goods

The transportation and handling of dangerous goods or hazardous cargo are of high priority to us. That is why we have developed and implemented safety control procedures covering all links of the transport chain. The purpose is to prevent accidents and make sure that all rules and safety controls are observed.

We organise pick-up and delivery by specialised carriers, arrange special packaging and labelling of hazardous cargo and prepare all necessary documentation according to international rules and regulations.



If you need express transport to or from Europe, Asia for your urgent consignment, or you just need a courier to Europe for your fragile, awkwardly sized cargo. Perhaps you work out of business hours and your goods need express delivery immediately after they are off the production line; we have a service to suit your needs.

You may not know that express truck is an interesting alternative to air transport, sometimes it is much faster!
Sample transport times below will help you understand what we are doing to quickly deliver goods to our customers.

Paris FR – Moscow RU | 48H
Warsaw – Madrid ES | 36H
Milan IT – Odessa UA | 52H
Berlin DE – Paris FR | 11H
London UK – Kiev UA | 52H
Hamburg – Almaty KZ | 140H